Mercedes A45 AMG review: technical and price


Mercedes A45 AMG

It ‘was officially unveiled the new Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG , the first car ever built sporty compact from the house of the Star at the Geneva Motor Show 2013. Recently there has been much talk of this car, first with the spy photos , then with the advances official by the manufacturer .The A-Class AMG is a car quite unusual in the world of high performance car brand Mercedes: in fact, its target customer is younger than usual, between 30 and 45 years. All the attention is focused on the mechanical properties , which are truly first-rate: both starting at the turbo engine with a very high specific power, both in terms of the new architecture-wheel drive. Precisely for Regarding the flatbed , the Germans communicate to us that will be used also for other two cars sports: almost definitely it comes of the new CLA45 AMG and GLA45 AMG , respectively the sedan to three volumes compact and the small sport utility.


Mercedes A45 AMG engine

As we have already mentioned, the real highlight of the new Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG is precisely the technique. Under the hood pawing the new four-cylinder turbo petrol 2.0-liter (1,991 cc to be precise), which, thanks to its numbers, has been awarded the title of four-cylinder engine of the most powerful in the world. The maximum power output is 360 horsepower (265 kW) at 6,000 rpm, while torque settles on a level of 450 Nm , constant between 2,250 and 5,000 rpm. Also of note is the specific power output of no less than 181 horsepower per liter , which exceeds even that of many supercars. To download the most of this power on the road, Mercedes AMG have a system of four-wheel drive 4MATIC , designed to offer the ultimate in driving pleasure. For a change, however, has opted for the Mercedes AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT sequential automatic with double clutch seven-speed.

As an option it can also require the exhaust system Performance AMG, which will allow the pilot to manage the sound via a butterfly valve. The engine cooling system then uses some components derived from the SLS AMG supercar. Predictably, the structure has been lowered and stiffened, to make the car more stable and responsive. Even the braking system has been upgraded and can rely on the use of perforated and ventilated discs 350 x 32 mm front and 330 x 22 mm at the rear.

Performance and Economy

Mercedes A45 AMG speedometer

Mercedes A45 AMG review. All these numbers as a result at the level of performance ? The acceleration from 0 to 100 km / his burned in just 4.6 seconds , while top speed is limited electronically on the classic value of 250 km / h . Despite his incredible power, Class A high-performance is also very efficient and economical: in addition to already be in compliance with the emission standard Euro 6 , emits only between 161 and 165 g / km of CO2. The consumption , however, according to the statement from the house are of 6.9 liters per 100 km in the mixed cycle approval.

The electronic stability control system can be configured in three ways: ESP ON, “Sport Handling” and ESP OFF, to meet the needs of each driver, which is more or less accustomed to racing.

Design and interiors

Mercedes A45 AMG interior view Mercedes A45 AMG interior

In this first-class mechanics, logically is also associated with a style and interior set up in a specific way. Already starting the Mercedes A-Class is a car dynamic and sporty enough, but in this case the designers of the department AMG have made ​​it even more bad thanks to a series of changes.In the front we can see the brand new template “Twin Blade” and the new shield bumper sportivor, with large air intakes and lower splitter polished. In side view stand out in the first place the large alloy wheels with double-spoke design, mounted on large tires measuring 235/40 R18. The mirror caps are a glossy black, while the skirts were forecast to insert titanium gray matt effect. The new design is completed, finally, the sporty rear bumper (with slits at the sides and a large diffuser),trapezoidal tailpipes and spoiler above the rear window. There are, then, logos identifying the model and the words “TURBO AMG” on the front fenders.

Mercedes A45 AMG side

The interior of the high-performance version includes new sports seats , plus profiles of normal, upholstered in leather and microfiber with contrasting stitching in red. On the dashboard stand out the new air vents in black and red, but also the wide molding in carbon look . To give a touch really “racing”, there are also sports steering wheel upholstered in microfiber and leather, but also the seat belts in red .

According to the list price not yet announced officially, it is assumed it may reach a figure of around 50,000 Euros but it just will directly from the house will make it known.

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