New Mustang 2015 is spotted during testing at race track


New Mustang 2015 spy photos

The new Mustang 2015 is one of Ford’s greatest secrets. After all, it is the most important icon of the American brand and a symbol of the U.S. automotive industry. The next generation of the classic is being eagerly awaited, because major changes are made to the model in order to compete better with rival Camaro and future Barracuda.

The vehicle was spotted in testing escorted by another Mustang and featured devices to measure performance in the loop. Much is hidden under the camouflage, but we can see the front with rectangular headlights and smaller than today, classic grille with two strips that resemble the New Focus and bumper with integrated spoiler and separate bodies for the foglamps.

There seems impressive and neither should be. The new Mustang 2015 is expected to remain faithful to the original design, but with modifications needed to the end of this decade. The body remains lean and more muscular, leaving that distrust of version 2.3 EcoBoost even stronger.

This four-cylinder engine with turbocharging and direct injection is the most criticized of the new Mustang 2015. A small coupe that was born to always have a V8 in front of the driver may seem to cast many fans and consumers more traditional. Even with 350 hp, know that there are meta pistons under the hood will be a huge huge challenge for the marketing of Ford.

With multilink rear suspension, and a natural option Coyote 5.0 V8 with direct injection, the Ford Mustang 2015 is sure to be played in more powerful versions. Another challenge for Ford is selling its sports in the world, just as it does with other global models, especially Europe.


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