Spy Photos 2014 Volkswagen Golf Plus 7 gets the minivan [PHOTOS]


Volkswagen Golf Plus 2014 spy photos

The range of the Volkswagen Golf 7 is gradually widening . It all started, as is logical, with the commercial launch of the sedan, both three and five doors, then you have added all the variants of the C-segment and more appreciated by the European market: the GTD , the GTI , the recent R , but also the 4Motion 4 × 4 or BlueMotion fuel-saving operation . It is then also added the version with bodywork sedan, the VW Golf Variant 7 . Now what’s missing? The van, which should keep the classic name 2014 Volkswagen Golf Plus. The compact MPV Wolfsburg has been spotted for the first time on the road in a series of spy photos (for which we thank Automedia), who make it to see still covered by heavy camouflage, leaving only room for the imagination to understand how will be the final design.

Compared to the current model will change the front, adopting a style very similar to that of the sedan two volumes. The headlights will become more sharp and angular, joined together by a thin black mask. The bumper will change and become more modern, even if we do not know if it adopts a management vents like those seen on the normal version of the Golf. The sides will have a wide glass, with the dual function of increasing the external visibility and to improve the brightness in the cockpit. At the rear of the lanterns find with the usual setting horizontal development, while the tailgate will have a wider opening to facilitate loading and unloading of luggage. Even the interior will be redesigned, improving both the profile of design in terms of quality and finish.

According to rumors, the new model of 2014 Volkswagen Golf Plus should be longer and taller, but still do not know exact numbers. Also the step will be increased, about 6 inches, all to the advantage of the road holding and internal habitability. This game size will be possible thanks to the adoption of the new MQB modular platform , which is expected to be even lighter than the car. The engine range will most likely be made ​​up of two petrol units, the 1.2 TSI 105 hp or 85 (depending on market) and the 1.4 TSI from 122 to 140 hp and two diesel engines, the 1.6 TDI common rail 105 hp and the biggest turbo 2.0-liter TDI 150 hp. Manual and automatic transmissions DSG through the options.

The arrival on the market is expected in the spring of 2014.

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