​​Cruze Sport6 with 1.6 Turbo engine 184 hp in China

Chevrolet ​​Cruze Sport6 china photos

GM is launching in the Chinese market the Chevrolet Cruze Hatch, known here as Sport6. Exactly the same style, the average American brand presents as new engines 1.6 and 1.6 Turbo. Prices start from 115,900 yuan.

The Cruze Hatch 1.6 16V engine features Chinese with 121 hp and 15.7 Nm at the entry level, while also offering a six-speed automatic transmission. Since version 1.6 Turbo delivers 184 bhp and 23.8 Nm. The latter would be an interesting option in Brazil, is not it?

Version 1.6 Turbo is also interesting because it is not described as VVT, as opposed to 1.6 aspirated. In addition, the rear suspension Cross Hatch top line maintains the torsion bar, but made arms Watts stabilizers generally used in Astra. The automatic transmission has six gears and the visual, the model adopts wheel rim 17, while the access option is only rim 16.

photos: autohome

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