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New Saveiro trend 2014 side

Volkswagen Brazil presented yesterday Volkswagen Saveiro line 2014 – vehicle received modifications to align it with the other members of the family and language Gol overall design of the Volkswagen brand. At the same time, the New Saveiro received more standard items and unique innovations in its market segment.

The company today announced the price list of pick-up, which is as follows:
Sloop Single Cab – R $ 33,490
Sloop Extended Cab – R $ 36,610
Saveiro Trooper – R $ 43,390
Saveiro Cross – R $ 48,990
Despite adopting the same look of the front of the Gol and Voyage, the Saveiro has front bumper that has esculturado design exclusively for pick-up with a “muscle” additional edges, reinforcing the image of robustness of the vehicle. Also completely new is the hood and front fenders, and grills offered in several versions, all exclusive details of the utility.

Under the body, the New Saveiro has as main innovation adoption of new electronic architecture, already introduced in the New Goal, New Voyage at Fox and CrossFox 2014, which allows the introduction of a number of devices and solutions focused on safety and the comfort of the users of its users.

Versions finishing and body

New Saveiro is offered in versions input with simple cabins or extended, and Trooper Cross – with extended cab.

External design

At their input, both the option and the extended single cab, New Saveiro series brings new headlamps with darkened frame. The covers of the boxes front wheels were changed to the new settlement and fender are in textured matte black plastic.

The new set of front bumper is painted in black corrugated, creating a stronger visual impression, reinforced by the new radiator grille and new lower grilles matte black textured. A detail with functional importance, besides aesthetics, is the aerodynamic profile of the windshield wipers, which are the type aerowischer.

Buyers who opt for the package with New Saveiro Trend will rely on the new dual parabola headlamps, also darkened frame. In this option, the entire front bumper has the same color as the bodywork, while the new grille is painted in gloss black, bringing chrome trim.

The set formed by the exterior mirrors, door handles and side moldings also brings the same color as the bodywork. The 14-inch wheels have new hubcaps painted in bright chrome with drawing Trophy, accompanied by roof racks and a new logo identification model positioned on the back cover.

Saveiro Trooper

New Saveiro trooper 2014 side

The Trooper version, aimed at consumers who desire a more differentiated and sports, also has the whole front bumper in body color, which is distinguished by black paint corrugated bottom.

The mirrors, door handles and side moldings are in the original color of the plastic and alloy wheel with 15 inch new design is “Stuttgart”. New tracks highlight the sides and the back cover. The lights are dimmed.

Inside View

As in the external design, internal version Input New Saveiro comes with several new features, starting with the new instrument cluster including tachometer, with indicators of temperature and fuel tank level analog and chrome rims. The new air outlets of ventilation and air-conditioning have matte silver hoops, the same way that the center frame, handles internal doors and lower rim of the handle of the exchange.

In his line in 2014, the New Saveiro reaches as the first compact pickup truck to feature seat fabric and side doors using fabrics with yarn recycled PET in its composition. Besides having new standard of style, there is a model specifically developed for finishing each proposed version.

New Saveiro 2014 brings standard on input additional comfort items such as glasses with electric drive and central locking doors, besides the functions made possible by new electronic architecture. The package adds Trend seat covers with Jacquard loom and side cover at the base of the banks. The door trim also incorporates new technology fabric with recycled yarns, weaved Ameise, complemented by internal door handles painted in enamel Siberian II. The air diffusers come with rims and center button in Hot-Stamping Chrome, also used in the new center frame, painted in enamel Smoke Grey. The pommel of the gearshift lever shows the scheme of the marches in chrome.

In Trooper, finishing differential appears in center frame, with black paint Satin Chrome and Hot Stamping. The new costumes banks use recycled yarns and fabrics include central bands in low relief, while the doors are covered with new fabric loom Yves Color Ecofabric also manufactured with recycled yarns. Alternatively, banks may have synthetic leather jacket.

The Saveiro Trooper also comes standard equipped with front airbags (no feature to disable the passenger airbag) and ABS brakes, two important contributions to the safety of car users.

The driver also has the information provided by the new I-System series feature in this version. This system focuses on the combined instrument panel, the information from the radio – as the tune (AM / FM) and the name of the song playing – phone status (whether or not connected with Bluetooth) and data board computer (that tells distance, travel time, speed, digital, instant fuel consumption and average fuel and autonomy.

New Saveiro trooper 2014 interior

In addition, the I-Saveiro New System 2014 allows, through a menu, setting various functions of the vehicle. Among the available settings are system information ECO Comfort, sending a series of messages on the (instrument cluster) guiding the driver to drive more economically. With the vehicle stopped, the ECO Comfort can also send visual alerts with the messages: “Do not operate the accelerator pedal when starting the engine” and “Do not operate the accelerator pedal when the vehicle is stopped.”

When equipped with electrical adjustments of the mirrors, the New Saveiro wins the “tilt down”. This feature, unprecedented among compact pickups sold in the Brazilian market, automatically adjusts the rear view mirror on the passenger side, pointing to the curb whenever reverse gear is engaged. To disengage the reverse, the mirror returns exactly the position that was previously set. The “tilt down” still allows the driver to adjust how you want the mirror to be demoted to be triggered, improving the field of view from the curb.

Cargo compartment

The cargo bay of New Saveiro is to highlight the gap between the wheel boxes with more than one meter, enabling the accommodation of wider loads. It can accommodate a pallet (European standard) without difficulty.

The attachment of the load is facilitated by anchor points can be relaxed and further the rails with sliding hooks. The rack positioned in the roof of the cabin enables the transport of cargo over long, while the external side steps to facilitate handling of the load as well as the rear cover, when open, sits flush with the floor of the hopper.

New electronic architecture

New Saveiro has a new electronic architecture, which allowed the addition of a variety of devices and convenience functions, and especially safety. Among the latter is the collision detector, which in case of accident automatically activates warning lights and unlocks the doors, making the output or potential distress to the occupants of the car. The pickup also has the Emergency Stop Signal, in sudden braking, automatically triggers the brake lights intermittently, alerting drivers that come back.

Another important system is the ECO Comfort, which helps the driver to drive economically through recommendations that appear on the panel, remembering to close the windows when the air conditioner is running or not accelerate when the car is stopped. In versions with rear proximity sensor, the new radio shows a graphical view of the vehicle that indicates the closeness of the barriers through a bar, along with a beep.

Also convenient, “Comfort Blinker” requires only a slight touch the turn indicator lever to trigger the flasher for a few seconds in the exchange of tracks on the track. The new architecture also allows the variation of speed intermittent wiper windshield and auto return the blades to the rest position when the engine is off.

New radio

New Saveiro optionally offers new sound system global Volkswagen Group – the same offered to New Gol and Novo Voyage. With modern and refined glossy black finish, the new unit has AM / FM radio and CD/MP3 player. In addition, the system has auxiliary inputs, USB and iPod interface – the resources are all located on the front of the radio, which facilitates its use.

The commands can be activated by buttons on the multifunction steering wheel. The information is replicated on the dashboard by I-System.

The feature also brings Bluetooth to your phone, which allows the driver to make or receive phone calls using only the keys on the multifunction steering wheel with storage schedule. You can still make audio streaming – sync with stereo audio files stored on the phone. The driver can thus select the buttons on the steering wheel and stereo play in a playlist of songs saved on your phone, without this need cables.

If the pickup is equipped with a proximity sensor of the rear obstacle, the new radio displays on its screen the digital silhouette of the vehicle (viewed from above) with a bar that goes approaching as the rear obstacle distance decreases. The system, which operates through four sensors in the rear bumper, also has the aid audible (beep), which increases the flashing as the car approaches the object. Another feature implemented in New Saveiro is a key option to disable the airbag on the passenger side.

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