Renault Laguna Grand Tour 2013: Price range


Renault Laguna Grand Tour 2013

Renault Laguna Grand Tour 2013: Price range. From Germany we arrive continuously renovations on all models of the manufacturers involved, and new products quickly placed between the referents of each of the segments of the automotive industry. That is why, as other European firms also seek to react with news and interesting products. This has led in recent years growth of competitiveness among all automakers and the overall customer is who wins in this.since we offer the new Renault Laguna Grand Tour, a break that wants to create a trend.

Not so many years, the Renault Laguna became a star in the sedan segment , but the fact that Renault apostase more for other product made ​​for a time, remain forgotten. The Laguna but has returned and to make war. philosophy that incorporates the new sedan breaks with the tradition of the French firm to offer a modern and sporting lines and motor lines updated according to the needs of the European public.

In your familiar format, called Laguna Grand Tour, and is firm in our market to meet as complete vehicles as the Opel Insignia Sports Tourer own , one of the breaks that has prevailed in recent years, and continues to over 2013.

From Renault are confident that this new generation of the family can get back very positive results in European markets despite the economic crisis that continues to plague the automotive sector.

Price range of Laguna Grand Tour

Having tech as 4Control system of rotation of the rear wheels, is postulated as one of the family in the form of station wagons most innovative moment . It is important but in order to catch up to the leaders, incorporate a good range of options.

Currently, Renault Laguna Grand Tour is made up of the following range of versions and prices:

  • Laguna Grand Tour Emotion dCi 110 eco2: 24.100€
  • Laguna Grand Tour Dynamique TomTom dCi 110 eco2: 25.500€
  • Laguna Grand Tour Dynamique TomTom 2.0 Energy dCi 130 eco2: 26.700€
  • Laguna Grand Tour Dynamique TomTom 2.0 Energy dCi 150 eco2: 27.900€
  • Laguna Grand Tour Bose Edition 2.0 Enery dCi 150 eco2: 29.400€
  • Laguna Grand Tour Bose Edition dCi 175 Auto: 32.200€
  • Laguna Grand Tour GT 4Control 2.0 Energy dCi 150 eco2: 29.900€

Prices that remain within the average within the segment, taking into account manufacturers offering products of middle class, and leaving aside the BMW 3 Series Touring and company , playing in another league differently.

If we search a break sporty for the whole family, the segment is full of options and one of them is the Laguna Grand Tour, that besides in its version GT have a wide equipment, that keeps entertaining to all occupants . It is a vehicle designed for long trips, so Renault has become aware of all that has to offer to our needs, including different engines find available.

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