Honda CR-V 1.6 diesel 2013 review: Engine and performance


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Honda CR-V 1.6 diesel 2013 review: Engine and performance. The new generation Honda CR-V makes it one of the most modern SUVs currently acquiring an attractive and a good finish both outside, and inside the interior. updates made ​​on the CR-V have made ​​it far more the demand for this model , regarding previous years and so makes things more difficult for the competition. Before ending the year 2013, particularly in September, will see a new 1.6 diesel, thereby expanding the current range and maintain good market numbers.

The look of the CR-V has changed considerably , especially in his last generations we have seen major changes until the model we find available today. Within the segment, historically found among the highlights precisely, and even more so with the presence of large vehicles like the Nissan Qashqai , which involved a total revolution. However, the CR-V renewal and commitment to sportsmanship and youth , and can become a powerful weapon, and the key to success for the SUV.

An updated aesthetics and an interior more comfortable than ever, make adequate progress this model from Honda, which aims to be a gap between the most promising segment . Needless to say that their engines are good-looking, but in September it launched a new engine, to deliver even more driving experiences.

Engine and performance

We are talking about a 1.6 i-DTEC engine, which also extends to the latest generation Honda Civic.It is an efficient diesel engine capable of developing a power of 120 hp . So far, we found that descended engines of 150 hp for the CR-V , so the new engine is intended for families that do not need too much power either.

Get develop a maximum torque of 300 Nm , and thus continues to consolidate an SUV with good expectations to fulfill its mission.

Consumption and emissions

The new i-DTEC engine comes among other things, to ensure minimum fuel consumption at all times. So much so, that their level of combined fuel consumption is 4.5 l/100km , when CO2 emissions do not exceed 119 g / km .

Thus, not only a modern version of the CR-V with a compelling aesthetic, but with the arrival of the new diesel engine, remains one of the most efficient SUVs now . In less than two weeks and will be celebrating the Barcelona Motor Show itself that it is likely to let them see the manufacturer’s stand .

In September 2012, Honda drew the attention of many attendees at the Paris Motor Show,especially with the introduction of its most ambitious prototype, called the EV-Ster , but also triumphed modest and utility models, as is the case of Honda Jazz date. So hopes to make to increase the presence of the new CR-V in our territory, do not yield by Honda.

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