Porsche Cayman S 2014 review: photos, price, performance and specifications

Porsche Cayman S 2014 photo 3

Launched at the Auto Los Angeles, 2012, and in Brazil last month , this is the second generation of the Cayman , based on the third generation of the Porsche Boxster , Porsche in setting up more “affordable” line automaker’s Stuttgart: R $ 319,000 dollars to the Cayman, and R $ 399,000 for the real Caymam S (car images).

The Porsche Cayman input takes a 2.7L boxer engine with 275 horsepower and 29 lb.-ft. of torque, while this Cayman S 2014 uses a 3.4L 325 horsepower and 37 lb.-ft. of torque. In both cases we have direct injection, aluminum block and cylinder head, four valves per cylinder, which can be coupled to a gearbox six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic with double clutch, as the car of the photos.

An interesting aspect is the braking system with energy regeneration system, improved thermal management and start-stop system, but when the engine is started, the performance come first: 0-100 Km / h in under 5 seconds and a maximum speed of 292 km / h. In the case of input template, the numbers are within 5 seconds and 273 km / h, respectively.

The direction adopts electro-hydraulic assistance – an evolution of the previous system, which was kind of electro-mechanics. The car also features active suspension, brakes, torque vectoring, cushions and transmission assets, which harden when the car is driven more sports.

The Porsche Cayman S wheels are 20 inches. The front brake system is the same as 911, and optional ceramic brakes. The exhaust system can be modified by the sound of a button on the dashboard.

The 2014 Porsche Cayman S is a sporty lightweight, mid-engined traditional, but this version is with the proportions improved, thanks in large part to the longer wheelbase. The front bumper has large air intakes.

At the rear we have the lanterns connected by a spoiler and air intakes in the fenders are quite prominent, the end result being a style quite sporty and aggressive. Stands still, the vents for the rear fender and wide rear guard.


The Porsche Cayman S is a sports car that does not neglect the comfort and technology: dual-zone air conditioning, parking sensors front and rear, Bluetooth connectivity for mobile phones, bixenon headlights with lamps and lighting system dynamics PDLS (Porsche Dynamic Light System), whose function is to direct the light beam to the inside of the sharper turns and turn headlights auxiliary in case of need.


The Porsche Cayman S 2014 presents, in this its third generation, a level of technical sophistication and dynamics that approaches the bigger brother, the Porsche 911, with the difference that this model costs half the price. And the best thing: the identity and the Porsche DNA are steeped in style and engine noise.

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