Volkswagen Beetle R-Line review, price and data sheet of the sports package

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Volkswagen comes the R-Line package on the Beetle , for those who want an extra dose of sportiness. These are interventions that do not change the behavior and performance of the sympathetic coupe, since it merely adding aesthetic details on the outside as inside the cockpit.
Retouching minimum, hardly noticeable if they were not reported one by one. However, the changes of the new line accentuates even more the masculine character of this series of the VW Beetle. Compared to past the Beetle is changed in shape, with a more angular front pillar and a tail better harmonized with the rest of the car. It has a somewhat more mature and less car “playful”, which emphasizes the R-Line package.

Will start by saying that both possibilities for customers of Volkswagen Beetle customize the R-Line , developed sull’allestimento top of the range sports. You will be limited to work on the exterior design, or decide for a combined intervention involving also the interior . If you want to at any cost the interior R-Line, know that it is imperative that you also purchase the outer package.

Changes made ​​on the body affecting the front, with a new bumper completely different compared to the original. Now, that is more or less successful change is to your personal taste to say, it is certain that the big mouth that almost drew a “smile” on the face has now been broken down into three parts. At the center, space for cooling requirements, with a grid in the horizontal profiles, while the ends are home to the fog lights and arrows embedded in chrome trim . Everything else unchanged.
‘s time to change the angle, look at the side, and here is the other change which characterizes the Volkswagen Beetle R-Line package in the “External”. At the base of the doors there is a striking contour, unasorta of miniskirt placed on more than where we are used to seeing it, in body color.The Beetle traditional presents a profile instead of black. In body color are the door mirror housings, just in front of that pillar that betrays the presence of the R-Line package with a badge positioned at the base.
The most striking element of the profile, however, are the alloy wheels, 18 ” in diameter and with the possibility of mounting in optional ones from 19, Tornado model choice between black and white. Even the rubber changes with the 19 “wheels, since it is 235/40.
Finally, with 1,290 Euros – this is the price of the package R-Line “Exterior” – you’ll also have a faux diffuser at the rear, enhanced by the chrome exhaust. All 12 colors traditionally offered on the Beetle are also available for the R-Line package.

If you want to breathe the air of R-Line also inside the car , then you will have to dip into their portfolio. Departure from 1,675 Euros for the two packages “External” more “Interior”. Specifically, you will have the Kyalami sports seats with breathable coating and the R-Line logo in the headrests shaped, while the leather upholstery is an optional extra. The reference to the sports package is also on the three-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel, with the crown cut at the bottom . Same leather with gray stitching for the gear lever and the handbrake. To conclude the rundown of changes to the interior, there are color inserts vanadium oxide : on the dashboard and in the contours of the multimedia system.

The Beetle R-Line is available with the 1.4 TSI engine 160-horsepower, 2.0 TSI with 210 hp and 140 hp 2.0 TDI . This excludes the small 1.2 TSI.

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