VUHL 05: is born a rival for the KTM X-Bow


VUHL 05 photo 1

Months ago a small manufacturer showed us a first teaser of a sports model that promised next submitted at Goodwood Festival . A model under the name VUHL 5 promised and a Mexican sporty , light and with a radical approach, with the spotlight fully put into the circuit. In driving fun.

Now one month of the date VÃœHL Goodwood presents two new images that reveal partially and design VUHL 5… and it looks like the KTM X -BOW , his concept of light, end, I was born a rival in Mexico. A rival, which already has as collateral with the collaboration of Michelin .

For now the first two pictures revealed by the mark they leave us with a vision of a car with the same setup, apparently the KTM X -Bow, ie one in which barqueta ignores even the front glass , forcing the driver to carrying a helmet in exchange for offering a totally extreme. A sharp look, with 3 optical discovered a hexagonal grille honeycomb, a silhouette in looks quite curved in profile …

VUHL 05 photo 2

No technical details have leaked too many mechanical configuration VUHL May , so we’ll have to keep waiting for the arrival of the Goodwood Festival for details.

The assembly VUHL 5 will be held in Mexico, Guillermo and Iker Etxebarria are responsible for the project that already counts among its providers with names like Ford or Michelin.

Your name, VUHL refers to Vehicles of Ultra-lightweight and high-performance , which is already a statement of intent that could leave us with a model below the ton. With the parts produced in Canada and assembly in Mexico , VUHL now added to its list of suppliers Michelin , whose collaboration involves not only the use of their tires but also in optimizing their driving.

According to the previous statement, and letter, VUHL creased and the presence in this VUHL 5 of Magna Steyr, Multimatic and Ford , which now joins Michelin. Iker Etxebarria and Guillermo are leading the project, a project that also assembly center in Mexico would have a seat in Luxembourg . We hope to know more, and soon, this VUHL 5 .

Source: VUHL

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